Keynote Speakers

Image of Luisa De Cola Prof. Luisa De Cola

Università di Milano – Mario Negri Institute for Pharmacological Research

Prof. Luisa De Cola is working in 2 main research areas: a) luminescent and electro-luminescent materials for optical and electroluminescent devices; b) nanomaterials and soft matrices for imaging, diagnostics and therapy.

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Image of Isabel Pastoriza Santos Prof. Isabel Pastoriza Santos

Universidad de Vigo – Faculty of Chemistry

Prof. Isabel Pastoriza-Santos’ research interest involves the synthesis, assembly and surface modification of nanoparticles with unique properties as well as development of (multi)functional nanostructured materials and tools with applicability in nanoplasmonics, (bio)sensing, catalysis and biomedicine.

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Prof. Paola Ceroni

Università di Bologna – Department of Chemistry “Giacomo Ciamician”

Prof. Paola Ceroni’s research activity can be placed in the field of photochemistry of supramolecular systems and photoactive nanocrystals for imaging and energy conversion (luminescent solar concentrators, artificial photosynthesis and photocatalysis).

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