Women in Science

Welcome to our “Women in Science-Erlangen Symposium” website!


As gender gaps and inequalities still persist in academia, especially in the field of natural sciences, we developed the idea of organizing a “Women in Science” symposium at Friedrich-Alexander-Universität (FAU) Erlangen-Nürnberg. Our main goal was to tackle the under-representation of women in science by increasing the visibility of female researchers. We therefore hosted early-career and leading female scientists from all over the world in December 2018 for a three-day event. Our symposium was awarded the Renate-Wittern-Sterzel Prize in 2019 for its innovative approach to promoting equal opportunities for women by the Office of Gender and Diversity of FAU. After the success of the first symposium, we want to continue our mission: fostering an international network of women, encouraging open dialogue, and inspiring future women in science.


On this website, you will find useful information and updates on Women in Science -Erlangen Symposium.


The first Women in Science Symposium being awarded the Renate-Wittern-Sterzel Prize at the Ceremony of
Academicus in Erlangen, Germany on December 2019 for its extraordinary committment to promoting equality
between women and men in science.